Importing User Data For Selective Access with multiple Items




I'm trying to design a process to update my user access by importing user data from a module. It works for the most part, except when one user needs access to multiple items in a selective access list. I've tried importing the list items as "Property 1, Property 2", but I get an error "Item not located in Property List". Is there a different way to give a user access to two or more items in a selective access list?




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  • Thanks Rob, That post did help. 


    I changed my user access module to have User and my selective access list as the dimensions and set the line item as a boolean to indicate if the user should have access to a particular list item. I was able to import to user access with this change.

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    Good deal, glad I could help.



  • Bit of an old thread, but i was facing similar issue and found something which might be a simpler solution


    if you're using the TEXTLIST to summarise items that are on another list you could actually just import directly from the source model into USERS tab.


    Ex. If you have a source view in this format

    Fake User 1Product A
    Fake User 2Product A
    Fake User 2Product B


    When you import fake user 2 into the USER tab the result will be PRODUCT A, PRODUCT B which is what we want in this case.

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    Using TEXTLIST is really bad for performance reasons, so it is best to stay from that function if possible.