Excel Add-in Error - Refresh failed. The required name range could not be found.

Hi all,


I am getting the following error after trying to refresh data after connecting to a module through the excel add-in.


"Refresh failed. The required name range could not be found."


I am using V3.1 and have never had this issue before.


I have done some testing and it seems there is something wrong with the name of the module which is

KPI's | Demise | KPI's

After changing the name to ABC123 and reconnecting and refreshing there was no issue.


Is this a known issue?






  • Hi Callum,

    I have also experienced intermittent errors while using the Excel add-in. In the case of name range not found, just running a refresh again usually resolves the issue
  • Hi Anirudh,


    Unfortunately I cannot fix it in this way.


    I am also unable to Pivot (the button becomes completely unresponsive for a period of time) - wasn't an issue on v3.0!