What's the workaround to sort nested dimensions?



I'd like to find a workaround to be able to sort nested dimentions. (as currently it's not natively possible). I know that I can sort manually the list however as we have new members created everyday, I'm looking for an automation. I cannot either delete and reload this list everyday as I have some data at that level that I don't want to lose. 


I asked the question around and looked at the forum as well but was not able to find a workaround. Trying my luck here.





  • @NathalieLbn 


    Can you please share an example with the screenshot. Will be glad to assist you




  • Hi Mishab,


    Here's the screenshot -  Vendors are currently sorted alphabeticaly because I've done it manually - However I looking for some sort of automation.


    The first dimension is the expense group based on the GL account. it's a very stable dimension, it changes very rarely. The second dimension is the vendors list. This list is very dynamic. I have created a mecanism (logic + actions) for the end-users to add new vendors, but unfortuntely each time a new member of this vendors list is created it's showing up at the bottom of the list. The consequence is that in the dashboard the vendors list is not sorted alphebetically.

    The only option that I have now is to move new vendors from the bottom of the list manually to make sure all vendors are sorted alphabetically. 

    FYI, I've already asked this question to our parter and I have looked as well to other messages in this forum, however I was not able to find a real workaround. (It sounds to me like a real Anaplan limitation without workaround).





    snapshot nested dimension sort issue.png

  • Hi Nathalie,


    Were you able to come up with a resolution to this issue?




  • Hi Charly,


    Unfortunetely not! No Anaplan native solution nor workaround.