Deployment of a Module view change


Hi experts,


My colleague is encountering an issue.


There are dev environment and testing environment, and he changed view of model and save it in the dev environment.

Then, he tried to generate a new revision tag, but change in view of a model was not treated as "new revision tag". I mean, no revision tag was made.


I'll be glad if you could provide me wtih  some solution for this.





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  • anirudh
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    Hi Inoue,


    I can see that the module has a saved view: Mo_Export_OpenCapacity(365)

    Are you trying to update the filters in this saved view?


    Please ensure you are following these steps:

    1. Open the saved view

    2. Remove the filter 

    3. Save the view by overwriting it (screenshot below)



    Then create a revision tag. The change should show up as a Saved View change if you download the comparison report


    Please let me know if this works



  • anirudh
    Hi Inoue,

    To get around this, just create a line item in any module and delete it. This will register as a change in Anaplan and the option to create a revision tag will also appear

  • Hi Anirudh


    Thanks for your info.

    Owe to your advice, we could made a revision tag for it.

    Although we encountered another issue.


    Dev environment : Model view Filter A 

    Test environment : Model view Filter A, B


    What we intended to do is to delete Filter B in test environment which is now deploy mode.

    When synchronizing two models, change in view filter is not included in the revision tag.

    Is there any advice for this?


    Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Anirudh,


    Thanks for your kind support.

    Again, we failed to deploy the change of view filter.


    We'll look into this further. I appreciate for your answer.




  • Hi,

    is it possible to change the status of this topic from "Solved" to "Unsolved"?

    I pushed "Accept as solution" by mistake.

  • jnoone

    Hi, when you say the change is not deployed, does that mean:


    1.  your export file is not including the updated filter?  


    2.  Or are you trying to replace this view as the default view for the dashboard?


    If it is the first item, you need to resave the export action (it will not inherently recognize changes to the saved export).  For that I would recommend rename the old export action, then re-export from your new view and save as the same name.  This will avoid having to rename any scripts you are using.  


    If it is the second item, should we not be saving it as the default view instead of creating a new saved view?


    Just let us know and will try to help get resolved.