How do I have a forumla calculate data to a specific dimension member?



How can I have a formula calculate data for a specific member of a dimension and place a 0 for the others?






  • @iosman123 

    Yes, you can do that only with Versions and you have to use a line item subset. Go to blue print and make use of Formula scope.

    For more information on this, please follow this link:


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  • Simple
    Create a module dimensioned by the dimension you want to logic on (eg dimension logic)
    Add a boolean line item(eg logic1) and tick the applicable dimension member(s)
    Now in your target module refer to that line item in your logic:
    IF dimension logic.logic1 THEN x ELSE y

    This is much better than a SELECT statement because it is flexible and allows for multiple members to follow the same logic if needed. It can also be expanded for 2+ types of logic