New UX on Mobile




I have access to the new UX. I'm trying to view a page on my mobile device for design optimization. How do I go about doing so?





  • The access link works on chrome mobile as well.
    But looking to see if there is an app available.

    Also, does it mean there is a different way of building the page taking mobile screen resolution into concern?

  • I don't believe the new UX is currently available on mobile devices? (I know that anaplan are testing it... seen it in action). 


    The boards scale to mobile devices but may rearrange so its worth creating dashboards that only have one element within the stack. 



  • @mweinzim24 I'm sure you know now that the mobile app is now available! Someone mentioned only having one element per stack, but you can definitely have more than one...the mobile app renders cards top to bottom within a section and then left to right. We have found the current best way to develop is simply to open the app as you go, as different browsers produce different results when trying to use some of their built in resizing views.

    As well, for better end user adoption I recommend creating a separate app for mobile users to access...this was you know they will only open pages which you have built to render on mobile.

    Good luck!

  • @theresa.reid 

    Thank you for that - I was wondering what is being recommended  -  I guess we're all learning but one thing is for sure - it's a HUGE step forward.