multi dimension module to flat module


Hi Anaplanner,


I have 2 module, 1 multi dimension and 1 flat module


i want to take data from modul multi dimension to flat, but in module flat data isblank


multi dimension module



flat module



how to module flat have data from multi dimension


  • @Panji 

    to pull from modules with Time and Versions into a module without there are a few ways


    Modules with versions.

    As with modules by time, you cannot SUM out of a module by Version and you also can't use LOOKUP, so you could use SELECT, but a better solution is to use the Current Version setting in the Versions tab.  this will return the values from the Current Version into the target module


    Modules with Time

    • You can use TIMESUM to pull all values from the module to the target.  This works for all formats and you can choose the Aggregation methods
    • You can create a single dimensioned line item and store a time period you want to source, then use this as a LOOKUP. 
    • If you have multiple years and want to pul the final value you can use SELECT[Time.All Periods] if this is turned on

    I hope this helps


  • @Panji 


    First you have to understand what is the issue here:


    You have a multi dimensional module (With Versions & Time also as a dimension). Now you want to do away with Versions and Time and get the aggregated data into a flat module. (You can do this with any dimension provided you have selected top level for those dimensions). But if you have versions in the source module then you have to tell Anaplan - numbers of which version should flow from multi D module to flat module - for that better option is to Go to Versions command and tick the current version against the version which you are trying to retrieve.

    And for Time you again have to educate Anaplan what numbers should flow. You can use Select function if you are bringing Data for all periods - SELECT: TIME.ALL PERIODS or you can also use LOOKUP if you have a dynamic time range.


    Hope this helps