More than one value for non-numeric cell

Hello everyone,


I am having some trouble with the model i am currently trying to build, i am trying to import, into a module i created, a file containing a table (in an CSV format of course) with two columns : The reference and the description of those references, so i created two line items (reference, and model description) and formatted them both to text (since the reference is a combination of letters and numbers).


However, as i'm trying to import (i mapped the line items with the column headers) i get the errors displayed in this image saying that i have "More than one value for non-numeric cell".


Your help would be much appreciated, thank you !

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  • @Yassine_Abdouh ,


    I am just taking a guess here, but would the combination of Material concatenated with Movement Type concatenated with Plant concatenated with Storage Location make the record unique?  So, the code would look like W1722W-20W_101_C100_C106.  If you can have the source system create that for you (if that actually makes the row unique), then that will be your code for your list and then you can store all of the transactional data in a module with the Applies To being that List dimensionalized by Time.  In a "properties" module, then you would store all of the master data like Material, Material Description, Material Type, Plant, Store Location, etc. 


    Also, and I don't know all the requirements, but do you really need all of that information (Batch, Qty of Unity, Document Header Text, User Name, Item, Time of Entry, etc)?  If not, try to limit the incoming data to only data that you need.


    Hope this helps,




  • Hi,


    It means, there are more than 1 value(Description) present for the same Item.


    Check your upload file, there are duplicates in your primary key as shown above.

    you are loading description 2 times for the same material copper.


    ~Vignesh M

  • Indeed there are duplicates in the file, but i want to keep them, how can i do so ?

  • Hi, are you using a numbered list?   Also can you use the material number as a unique ID?


    Assuming so, in your first import add the material numbers as a list (you should only need to map the material number column at first). Second, create a module called "Data: Material properties" and add a line item for material description and import the same file into the module using the material number as the mapping property.  Then add a property to your numbered list which is Display name and which is text formatted.  Have that reference your module line item (material description). 


    This will allow you to have the same description in multiple instances.


    Let me know if this helps.



  • Hi Yassine,


    I have question, you want to keep this as a single record or 2 separate record?


    #1. If you want to keep it as 2 separate record, then your list should be Number list and load your data into the list properties using "combination of properties" option .


    #2. if you don't want to mark your list as number list and still want to keep both the description, then create a staging list and load your file there using "Combination of properties" then use TEXTLIST function to get the description from staging to Module.


    #3, if you don't want to mark your list as number list and still want to keep both the description and don't want to create a staging List , then there is no option.


    Note: Try to avoid "combination of properties" option, find a unique combination key by combining the attributes. 


    ~Vignesh M


  • hank you for your thorough explanations. Unfortunately in my case the numbers i have can't be used as a code since they contain duplicates. However i managed o import the file by simply creating unique ids for the data i have (created an incremented serie going from one to n, n being the number of rows) and it worked since now i have a unique identifier.

    However, when trying to use the search tool to find some items by the material number, the search tool only look though the code of the table, and so, even if i try to look for a material number (or its description) it tells me that there are no results found, even though im sure they are indeed in the data table.


    Thank you in advance


  • @Yassine_Abdouh ,


    Could you please post a picture of your data as using either Row Count or combination of properties is not best practice from a performance and scalability standpoint.  Really, you need to examine the data to figure out what makes each row unique and if you don't have a unique ID, then you should request one from IT.  With only seeing the error message above, it is very difficult to see what is going on except you having multiple entries for the same row.  Does the data have time in it?  Why are there multiple values?




  • hello @rob_marshall,


    Here is a pdf with a screen to the data i have, as you can see, this table has the following columns : 

    Posting DateTime of EntryDocument DateMaterialMaterial DescriptionBatchQty in Un. of EntryUnit of EntryAmount in LCMovement TypeMovement Type TextPlantStorage LocationCustomerVendorUser nameDocument Header TextPurchase OrderItemMaterial DocumentMaterial Doc.ItemOrderEntry Date

    i added the first column (N°) to have a unique id for each row and so be able to have a unique code and import all of my cells. and it worked, except that i don't think its the best solution, and at the same time, i cannot look for items using columns data other than the code (N°), if i try to search for Material W1722W-20W for example, ill have no result because the search tool only looks in the column N° which is the key of the import.

    The reason why i have multiple values in my data is because it's the purchases data, and so it gathers all the purchases (we have multiple lines with the same data because we buy the exact same product)

  • I did what you said, and created a unique code combining the most relevant data that i will try to look for later, and it worked, i can now search and find the items i look for.

    Thanks for everyone for their help !