Anaplan Connect- export file with different versions



I'm trying to create an Anaplan connect to export an expense forecast file monthly, but don't know how to write an export script so that every time I run the bat file, it can export the latest version forecast.


For example, in Jul, we did a Q3 fcst. I created an export action, the script is: set Operation=-export "the existing export action" -execute -get "file name in a specific path".

But when it comes to Aug, we update the Q3 fcst to Aug version, if I run the same script as the above without create a new action for the updated version, the exported forecast is still the Jul one.


Is there a way to automatically identify the latest version in the script so that I don't need to create a new action every time before I run the bat file?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  • DavidSmith
    Answer ✓

    Anaplan Connect just points to the export, so there is nothing you can set within the script itself


    The best bet is to create a filtered view of the export using the ISCURRENTVERSION() formula

    This will filter to show just the current version.  The export should then respect the filter each time the Current Version is run