Selecting different values over same dimensions



I have two modules that looks like the following:

Module 1 - No dimensions, just two line items. One of the line items is formatted as List X and the other is formatted as Time Period - Month

Module 2 - I have time and List X as dimensions, and one line item, let's say price.

Now to the problem: What I want to do is to collect the price from the list object selected in module 1 in the line item formatted as List X and present if for another object, in the same list, in the second module. 

So for example, let's say I have two list objects in List X, Apple and Oranges. If I, in the first module, select Apples (with a price of 1), I want the second module to display the price of Apple for the list object Oranges.

I tried to do a lookup on the value selected in module 1, but it didn't work... 

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks a lot!


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  • DavidSmith
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    Slightly strange, It must be getting confused about the non dimension, so it is ignoring it (I will report that back to the product team) but the solution is simple


    Create a staging module by List X, with a single line item (formatted as List X)

    point the line item to the non dimensional module entry line item


    Use this new staging line item as the LOOUKP parameter and it works




  • @fredrickstraube 

    You'll need to use a double LOOKUP


    So the formula would be something like this:


    Source Module.Price[LOOKUP:Module1.List Line item, LOOKUP:Time Period Line Item]

    Where List Line item is the one formatted as List X and Time Period Line Item is formatted as Time Period


    This assumes that the source module is dimensioned by List X and Time


    Hope that helps



  • Hi @DavidSmith 

    Thanks a lot for your message!

    That's what I did but couldn't get it to work. It is worth mentioning that the price I want to collect is different depending on month. So I actually want to collect the price from a third module, which have time and list X as dimensions.

    The formula i tried entering in module 2 was basically module3.price [LOOKUP:module1.list line item], but it didn't work.


  • What was the error?

  • The problem is that it still displays the price of the list item, and kind of ignores the lookup on the selected list item in module 1 if that make sense. 

    So for example. 

    List X: Apple & Oranges 

    Module 1: In the list formatted line item, I have selected Apple

    Module 3: Holds prices Apple=1 & Oranges=2

    Module 2: List X as dimension. One line item named "Modified price" with the formula: module3.price [LOOKUP: module1.list formated line item]
    I now want ALL of the list items to display a price of 1, since that is what is selected in module 1. However, it still displays the "original" prices, that is 1 for apple but 2 for oranges. So it kind of ignores the lookup.


  • @DavidSmith 

    Many thanks, this solved the problem! Just so I know, is it an error in Anaplan that caused the issue or was it simply a modelling error from my side?

    Again, thank you!


  • @fredrickstraube 

    No, what you did was totally logic, hence why I suggested it without actually trying it.

    It does seem a little odd, and I will try and get an explanation from the product team and post the reply back here