Autofill Properties using the Create action


Hi all,

A little issue i have :

I am creating elements in a a numbered list (projects) using the Create action.

My Create Button opens a new dashboard where the end users will fill in Project description that is used as "Display Property".

I woul also like that a few project properties to be filled in automatically (a project category actually which is a list-formatted property and a boolean type property).

Any idea ?




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  • Asslam
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    Hi Pascal,
    The way I would approach is that publish the property of the list to the dashboard next to the create button. So after the item is created the user could enter the other details for the item. The Boolean property could also be published. This approach would be for user to input the value manually..And to automatically populate the value you have to write a formula for the property based on the your business rules... Hope this helps to answers your questions..


  • Thanks Asslam,

    Well the solution you proposed is what i have done for the moment.

    All properties are published on the dashboard and filled in by the user.

    But if the user do not fille the property, well it remains empty (i can color code it to spot the mistake but that's about it).

    So i' d really like the autofill to be part of the Create action (so that i can have different process depending on the value i want in the property).


  • Given the limited functionality of the creation function, I don't think we would be able auto populate more items.  

    One other way would be to create a module with line items similar to your list properties, applied with the same list. Then, create a data import process to populate the list properties using this new module as i/p, In this way, it helps to control the entry of the property fields bit more. And populate the data with an extra button to run the data import process. 

  • Thanks Asslam,

    That does the job.

    It's not perfect ou a UI point of view as i have several button (one to create the project, one to "process" and set up the property values, on to open the dashboard to view project data) but in the end i have what i want.