Export process to change based on module view time selected




I have a module data to be exported, also have month as dimension.


Module is published to dashboard with month pivoted to the headers.

I want an export process to export module data, based on month selected on dashboard view. i,e Sync of time dimension to the export process published.


currently, my process is only exporting at Jan 19 i,e the view selected while action was created.( but I want this to be synced to the dashboard current view i,e should change dynamically with period change)



  • Hi,

    Exporting data based on time sync is not feasible.


    Try this

    Step 1: Create a module for month selection as shown below


    Step 2: Create another filter module to get the export month filter.



    Step 3: Apply this as filter in your export view and create a action.



    Vignesh M