New UX model connections


In the new UX is there capability to present data from multiple models from the same workspace in one board?




  •  We can present data from multiple models from the same/different workspace in one App, App can have multiple pages and each page can be connected to 1 model only.

    Check this link, Anaplan New User Experience in Learning Dashboard.


    ~Vignesh M

  • @kleadbeater1 

    Just to clarify, a App can have multiple pages containing data from different models (from any workspace), but currently a page can only contain data from a single model.  

    The page parameters for Workspace and Model are set once.

    Any page elements (cards, charts, grids etc.) must come from that model



  • Thanks for the important nuance. Its not the same screen, but co-locating data from separate models in side-by-side pages is a step up.

  • yagupta

    Hi @DavidSmith 


    On that note, wanted to quickly check with you if the source model can be changed to an existing App?

    For eg. I have two models - 'Sales Incentive Planning' app (V1 and V2) in the classic UX. There is another App 'SIP Duplicate' in the new UX with links to V1 module views.

    I want to make a copy of 'SIP Duplicate' and then change the source model from 'V1' to 'V2'.

    Wanted your views on this please. If yes, then how can this be done?

  • yagupta

    I figured out the process. It has been well described in the Anaplan's New User Experience training module.