Best approach on creating a comment section in a Forecast




I was wondering if it's possible or the best approach on creating a comment section. I tried creating a text line item but it seems to have some flaw to it. I can't make any edit on the Actual, I can only write comment on the forecast, etc.


Is there a better approach to this? I included a screen shot to give you an idea. 

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  • jnoone
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    Hi - go into the line item settings for comments and go to the "Use Switchover" and uncheck it.  This will allow you to provide comments for periods which may already be locked down based on the switchover settings.


    Hope this helps.



  • @kdoan 


    What is the ask here? You want to create a comment section in both the versions or only one version and what is the flaw that you mentioned


    Also can you please post the screenshot once again as this one seems to be not working.