Lists as page selectors




Is it possible to create dependent page selectors when more than one list is published as a page selector?


I have a module that forecasts demand for SKUS in different country. 

Currently when the user selects the country the next selection is SKU but the SKU dropdown shows SKUs for all countries. I created a filer module for Country and SKU and I am using the filter to show SKUs by country. 

This seems to work then my SKUs are in rows but not when I pivot the SKU dimension to page selectors.


Is it possible to have one page selector (list) filtered based on another page selector(list)?



  • @BahalR ,


    If you create a  list of your SKU's rolling up to your Countries, that would do the trick.



  • Hi @rob_marshall 


    That would mean changing the dimensionality of the module to use the new hierarchy and it will have a trickle down effect on other modules correct?


    It seems though that might be the only option.

  • @BahalR ,


    Yes and no....Yes it would be a new hierarchy, but if you do it correctly where the code is a concatenation of the Country code and SKU code (100_100987) then you can use this for reporting but still be able to get back to the SKU Flat list (because it is part of the code) as well as the Country.  Plus, your module will be much smaller in size because not every SKU (I am assuming) will go to every Country.  This way, it actually opens you up to more possibilities.  If your SKU does span multiple Countries, then make that a numbered list and have the display name be list formatted back to the SKU Flat list.  That way, if the SKU ever changes, it will automatically be updated in this list.  Lastly, if you the requirement that only certain folks can see certain Countries as well as SKU's, then you can put selective access on this new list.  


    Hope this helps,



  • @BahalR 

    One option you could try is to have a line item that is a a dependant drop down and a drive line item

    You could publish these two line items instead of a  page selector.  You should then be able to set up a filter on the displayed grid

    You would need to create a dummy list of SKU rolling up to Countries

    more details can be found here on how to set this up


    Alternatively, you could create a "SKU selector" module, which is synchronised, or filtered based on the country.  This could then by published to the side or top of the dashboard and then used to synchronise the bottom grid


    I hope this helps