Anaplan training for users of Anaplan (not model builders)



I am planning a training session(full day) for a group of employees that are new to Anaplan. My "audience" are future users of Anaplan (not model builders), and hence they want a general understanding of Anaplan, and the features that comes with it. First and foremost, they want this session to be better prepared to write good user stories.

Anaplan Community, any recommendations on how to conduct such as session in the best possible way? 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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  • Hi Stig,


    I would check out Anaplan Essentials in the Learning Center.  As long as they have an Anaplan log in, they can access them.  I would also deliver the platform whiteboard (Central Lbirary Engine and User Experience)  and then demo a model for them.  Finally let them know about there you can find example user stories by use case!  



  • Stig

    Great @ChrisMullen ! Thanks for the advice 🙂