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Hello, I am saving some export definitions for my client. To print all the codes in a flat .csv export file, I would have to put 4 or 5 dimensions in the rows, but it's limited to 3. Instead, I am using the tabular method with a filter for time and version.
The only problem is that when time is transposed Anaplan changes the format of the time from 'Q1 FY20' to 'FY20Q1'. So to work around that, I've put the period in a line item. But now I have the time dimension showing FY20Q1 and the line item printing 'Q1 FY20'.  Why is Anaplan changing the format of the time? Is there a way to get it to export it right so I don't have to put it in a line item? See file attached.
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  • DavidSmith
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    This could be when you use on of the exceptions for list properties

    I'm not sure if it will work in this use case, but if you create list properties for one of the dimensions, you can choose to display them as well as the list name as part of the export


    Alternatively, you may have to create a fake time list and map the data to that, specifically for the export


    I hope that helps


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    Hi Ari,

    There are 2 options,

    #1. Create a Fake Time list and use it as dimension instead of anaplan time. 



    #2. Change the view and export, bring the line items to Rows and export it, you will get the right time format.



    Vignesh M



  • Ari



    Thanks for the replies. I did use a fake time and ignored the time column. I had the confirmation from Anaplan that it is currently the only work around if we want to be using tabular exports. As to why the time dimension was showing up this way, it was confirmed that it's a bug and it's on the Anaplan dev team's list to check.


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