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I have a question about how to set the appearance of a page selector on a dashboard.  Specifically, I would like the selector to have expansion/contraction buttons to start at the top level of the hierarchy in the selector and then be able to expand to lower levels, rather than just having a long list that has to be scrolled through or searched.  Does anyone know how to set the selector to function one way or the other?

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  • Hi Ethan,


    Publish your higher level(L2) to the Dashboard and turn on the synchronization selection.


    Publish list to the Dashboard as  Page selector.


    Turn on the Synchronize selection. I have selected PG1(L2 level), am get to see only the L3s under that L2.



    if you want to see the least level in the page selector, then publish Least level(L3) List to the dashboard.



    Vignesh M


  • @egc8r ,


    First, from the drop down, we can't do that, but what you can do is similar to what @VIGNESH.M stated.  What I typically do is have different "summary" modules just showing summarized items (quotas, employees, variances, whatever the KPI's are).  When the user clicks on the item in L2, then the L3 summary element gets updated.  When the user clicks on an item on L3, then the summary items in L4 get updated, etc.


    I find this tends to give more information at different levels so the user can choose to keep going all the way down or just stop at an aggregated level. 


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