Performance issues in a dashboard with numbered list


Hi! We have a numbered list in a module posted in a dashboard.

We are doing a demo and uploading 14k items into the list with an import process, that will be the normal amount of items needed in the list. After the import, the ID#s were created in the list but now we cannot open the dashboard... we get the error from chrome that the wait is too long and it freeze.

Is there any workaround for this?








  • Hi Vicky,

    You are facing this issue only on this dashboard?
    Can you open the model in some other browser and check?
    If you are still facing the same issue, please reach out to Anaplan support, they will help you on this.
    Never come across this issue , #14k record is small amount of data, this shouldn't happen.

  • @vickyaladro ,


    the other question I would have is why are publishing your list to a dashboard?  Think about creating a module and a view of the data the users need to see and publish that.  When publishing a list, you can hide any columns.



  • Thanks Vignesh, I also tried with IE but i have the same issue and all the dashboards work ok... the problem is the one with the numbered list, that's why i deduced the list could be the problem. I'll reach out to Anaplan support Regards Vicky
  • Can you open the module view and see the same behaviour or is it just the dashboard?

  • Hi Rob, I need to publish the numbered list into the dashboard because each item of the list will be a non-fixed input in the planning process. Now we are testing so i created the number of items the Client normally use Regards Vicky
  • Hi Kat, the problem is just in the dashboard. The module works ok. Regards, Vicky
  • The problem was the height percentage set to -1, large grids that are published to dashboards and have height percentage set to -1 are very slow and can cause the browser to go unresponsive.