How to convert Date to 445 calendar week


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The requirement from the client is that they will upload the sales history for an SKU by date into Anaplan. Hence there will be 3 columns SKU, Date, Quantity. The model calendar is set as 445 calendar and the end of fiscal year is last Sunday. The problem is I want to convert this flat upload so that I can aggregate the data in a module which has a dimension of SKU and Model timescale with line item as Qty. 

I am stuck at a point where I am unable to convert date to 445 week format. Please suggest a way to handle this problem.



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  • rob_marshall

    @GauravT ,


    If you model is set to 445 (or any other time frame) and you are importing at the day level, Anaplan is smart enough and will understand what weekly bucket to aggregate the data so you will not have to store it at the daily level.  To do this, your landing module is dimensionalized by Time, but the weekly format.  In the action, you are still doing the same mapping, but upon load, Anaplan will automatically aggregate the data for you.  Ideally, if you are not using daily data but that is what you have been given, there is no reason to store daily data within Anaplan.  Let Anaplan do the heavy lifting for you.


    Does this help?




  • Hi,


    Aggregate the qty using SUM function

    Create a module, Dimensions(SKU, Time(Week Format), line item - QTY)

    QTY = Staging Module.QTY[Sum:SKU,SUM:DATE]


    You don't have to convert date into week format, directly sum by date, if you still want week format, create a line item with week format, logic is period(Date).




    Vignesh M

  • @GauravT 


    Hi Gaurav,


    Anaplan is smart enough to convert the numbers from dates to weeks based on the time settings that you would have used for the model. 


    @vignesh has explained it how to do it.