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We have a list of Skus that is the child of a Packaging list. Each packaging has multiple Skus.

Some Skus are old and are no longer active on our production lines. We have a module made of boolean line items to select which skus are "used" currently. 

When we update the sku list with new skus, by default that "used" boolean is set to False. So we have to go through the list of skus to kind of guess which ones are new and should be set to True. This is pretty problematic because it is easy to forget to check.

I do not want to reset the boolean each time to True because I cannot go back each time to uncheck all the old ones. 

Any ideas on how to handle this?

Ideally I would have a way to clearly see which skus are "new" and need to be checked or not.


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    Hi ELISA,

    It appears this link is not available anymore.

    Follow the steps,

    Step 1 : Create Checksum and Checksum Old line item, both are text formatted.
                   Checksum = Name(Item(List))
                   Checksum Old (No formula), Input field
    Step 2: Create one action to import data from checksum to checksum old line item.
    Step 3: Create Boolean format line item
                 New Item Flag? = Checksum <> Ckecksum old.

    After this follow the below order
    1. Load data into your list
    2. New records will be highlighted as TRUE in New Item Flag? line item
    3. After you done your validation, Run the import action which will copy data into checksum old to reset the boolean.

    Vignesh M