Hierarchical structures from a customer provided list


we all understand the traditional way of building a hierarchy normally following a top down approach.


We sit with a challenge requiring that the hierarchy needed to build up from the bottom up using a lowest level reference code. As per the attached picture. Each lowest level will have a specific code identifying where it is physical situated in the organisation. The code by implication implies the roll-up . See the attached picture.



Problem Statement - When we have the codes, is there a way of importing the list and using that to develop the roll-up structure.In real life this can be very complex and high volumes. 


It can be done using a manual mapping but an automated manner will be much more elegant.


  • Hello @Roelofg ,


    Yes, if you have the leaf level code with all the details in a logical sequence and it can be parsed using the same logic, then we can build the hierarchy from the leaf level code.


    We can use text functions to parse the leaf level code.




  • Proposed solution:


    1) Load lowest elements in the list

    2) Use this list in a module with the following line items: level1,level2, etc.

    3) Create formula's in those line items to calculate the Level 1 name. You can use FIND and LEFT in order to get the names. 

    4) Create processes in order to build up the other levels based on this module. You an use First occurrence to improve performance and limit the number of errors in the process.




  • Thank you, we will explore this.
  • Thank you we will explore this.