File Import Error: No Value Loader exists for this type: NONE


Hi Everyone, I am facing a issue which is: My source is: .csv file Target is: Module (Importing into 8 line items)

Line Items:         Format

Lift%                  Number

Volume Status   List formatted

Activity Type      List formatted

Activity Cost      Number

Display Type     Text

Display Cost     Number

$/unit                Number

Select Scenario Boolean


The file format & everything is correct. But when i am running the process, i get this error " No value loader exists for this type'. I guess the issue is because of Volume Status Line item, as in this line item "Write Access Driver is being used" i.e. Dynamic Cell Access.


I am aware that few days back there was a post on the same. But i would like to get some solution for the same.




Regards, Ankur Sonthalia.