Anaplan Connect 1.4.2 JDBC export: Could not connect to the database


I'm trying to use the new JDBC export in Anaplan Connect 1.4.2, but I get the error "Could not connect to the database. Retrying in x seconds." I'm using a connection string identical to what I use for JDBC imports, so I know that's solid. Additionally, I am using integrated security, and I do have sqljdbc_auth.dll in the java bin folder.


Has anyone else had this issue, or had success in implementing JDBC export?


  • Hi there,


    Happy to attempt an assist.


    Can you please provide a screenshot of your Anaplan Connect script (or the file itself) and a screenshot of your folder as viewed in Windows Explorer (assuming you're not working in a *nix environment) so we can see what all is in there (script, .jars, .properties, etc.)?


    Thank you,