conditions in anaplan connect batch file

Hi Team,


I am facing following issue regarding Anaplan Connect.How to give the condition in batch script? I am trying to import model to model, parallel with  I want to change the version for destination model while performing import action For that I want to apply the condition. I have attach screenshot 




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  • @rob_marshall 

    HI Rob,

    I tried this one out but error is same.

    Operation="-service '' -auth '' -import 'Actual Source to version selection Target' -execute -mappingproperty Version:'V Feb 19' -output 'data/My Errors.txt'"


    even specifying version it is saying

    "2019-08-25 10:57:09 INFO  51590 |--   message - Please specify the following parameters: -mappingproperty Version:?  "


    how exactly I should put command this in file?

  • It worked,
    I was putting commands in wrong order,