Import to list with default value


I have an excel file that needs to be imported into Anaplan and update a list. However, I want all the new list-items to be part of a subset, which I want to set at the same time as I import the list. I do not however have any column in my import file to use for setting the subset (that is, a column that says TRUE to import to the boolean)

Is there any way to set a value to "TRUE" as default in a specific import?



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  • @fredrickstraube ,


    The only way to do that from the source system (file) is to create a new column within the file with a value of TRUE.  If you can't do that, create a SYS "List Name" Properties module where you have the logic built in as line items, create an Action which updates the members to the appropriate subset, create a process with the following actions (import into list from source file, update the list with the appropriate subset members).


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  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot. In this case, I do not have the opportunity to modify the import file. I did however do a workaround which seems to work just fine.
    I created a new “import list” which is numbered. There, I added properties for all my columns from the import file. I then created an “import module” with my “import list” as dimension. There, I created a Boolean with the formula “TRUE”. I then import into my original list from my “import module”, mapping the subset to the newly created Boolean. This also gives me the opportunity to modify the data further before it is imported to my list.
    Might not be the easiest solution, but works great in this case!
    Thanks a lot for the input!