Informatica Cloud: using Hosted Agent with Anaplan connector


Informatica connectors typically give you the choice between 2 types of runtime options:

- one or more secured agent(s) that run(s) on a managed server

- a hosted agent managed by Informatica that lives in the cloud


The feedback I got from Anaplan was that the Informatica Anaplan connector is only compatible with the secured agent, not the hosted agent. Our Informatica agreement does not include the cloud runtime license which is required to have access to the hosted agent so I am not able to test it myself, but I would love to get confirmation from someone who has first-hand account.

If you are reading this and have tried using the Anaplan connector with the hosted agent, would you mind sharing a few words regarding your experience?



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  • kjacokes
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    In my experience, only the secured agent is supported, which means you would have to install that secured agent somewhere, whether on a hosted server or one managed by your organization. Either way, in my experience, a server needs to be provisioned for the agent to run on.


    Not ideal because it usually means IT needs to be involved in some capacity.


  • Thank you @kjacokes. This is consistent with the feedback I was getting from Anaplan but wanted to hear from someone who had first hand experience with the hosted agent. Hopefully support for the hosted agent will be added to a future version of the Anaplan connector.