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Good afternoon, I have recently downloaded the Anaplan Excel Add-in. I would like to create a view based on my 'development model' (we are using ALM), in order to be able to test the add in. When trying to add a saved view of a module (any module) , the add in shows me the following error: New Connection - Cannot access view. Add-in is working fine for the default view or the module itself. I've made the test using the deployed model, and Add-in seems to be working fine for saved views but on mode 'read only'. Is this error due to the ALM model status? If yes How can we create an excel add-in for a 'development model'? Is there any article available somewhere to guide us on this ? If no, to what Is this error due? Thanks in advance for your help, Sarah


  • Hi,


    I did the same thing as you on a random model I use as a source for ALM and a random module and it does work although I get the warning message below.


    This is what I get when I pull from the view:

    Excel add in pull from saved view issue.png


    An anaplan model used a source for ALM is considered a "normal" model so the issue should not be the ALM settings.


    Do you have the same behavior with another view ?

  • In excel add-in v 3.2, I am able to retrieve from a Saved View, if it has only one dimension in the rows. When I adda second dimension in the Saved View, I get "New Connection. Cannot access view."  Is this a known limitation? 

  • Follow-up- In version 3.2, If data connection is made from excel to a saved view, then user cannot alter the pivot. If connection is made to the module, user can use the add-in's pivot to stack more than one dimension in the rows.

  • I can confirm connection to saved views cannot be pivoted or filtered, contrary to connection to modules. This is also valid in v3.3 released last week.

    If you are facing other issues, please raise a Support ticket and we will investigate. If this answers your question, please accept this message as solution.

    Thank you very much.

  • Where is the Accept as Solution checkbox?
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  • @MagaliP 

    Ugh. I just ran into this limitation today. Do you know if this is on the roadmap to allow us to connect to saved views that use filters? Seems pretty important. Thanks.

  • 1. You can connect to a module, and pivot/filter it in the add-in.


    2. You can connect to an Anaplan saved view, which cannot be pivoted/filtered in the add-in. However, you can pivot/filter it in Anaplan itself, and then save the saved view. Then go back to the add-in and refresh it.


    If you would like to pivot/filter option 2 in the add-in, this is not in our roadmap but can be raised on the idea exchange.


    I hope that helps 🙂

  • Hi all,


    A couple of things:


    1. In Excel Add-in 4.0, we have clarified the message for saved views. Hopefully it makes more sense than the previous message.


    2. I have tested it today and can confirm that once you refresh a saved view, what's displayed in Excel exactly matches what's in Anaplan. See below.


    I have tested it with those settings:



    And created the module on the left, filtered on time by the module on the right.


    Excel Add-in shows:


    When I add an item to the filter, by checking the box for April:


    And then I refresh in the add-in: April 13 appears. Therefore, saved views filtered by other modules add items automatically. I understand the text settings may be confusing – basically, it means that saved views automatically match what’s in Anaplan, so you cannot choose or not whether to show new items (because they automatically do). I hope that makes sense.




    Does this answer your question?

  • Saved view based spreadsheet interface sessions cannot be altered in excel. Changes must be made in the saved view, then the spreadsheet refreshed. Spreadsheet interface sessions sourced based on the default module view can be altered via the spreadsheet interface Pivot menu.
  • @MagaliP Is there a limitation on how many dimensions can be in the rows for a saved view? I have a saved view with 1 list and line items in the rows that pulls into excel just fine. I have another saved view with 2 lists and line items in the rows and Excel gives me the "New Connection: Cannot access view" error. 

  • Hi Taylor,


    Here is a link on Excel Add-In connection issues and limits