Excel Add-in 3.2 - Push data back to Anaplan ?

Good afternoon, 


We would like to use the Anaplan Excel add in to enable user to modify data from a view and push it back to Anaplan via Excel. 


Apparently the last available version to download is the 3.2 that doesn't allow a two ways connection. Version 2.6 allowed it, but is not available for download anymore. 


Any other solution existing for that ?


Thanks in advance 



Best Answer

  • Hi Sarah,

    I guess you have to contact the product team as written on the download page:

    How do I get the Excel Add-in?

    The Excel Add-in version 2.6 is no longer available to download. You can benefit from improved speed and new features if you download and install the latest version of the Excel Add-in. The write-back function offered by version 2.6 will be included in future versions. If you need this feature in the interim, contact our Product team to discuss options.


    If needed I still have the 2.6.208 installer file if you need it....

    Kind regards,