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In Level 1 Model Building, we are asked to create an Employee System Module, with Start and Leave Date with Date format



But in the Excel provided, the format is





And During import, it says Invalid Date.




Could you please help to know how to fix this.

Should I change the format to date in excel and then import or import as text and then apply some formula?

Please help.


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    Use the option given in Date Line Item


    If the format is not available use custom format, in your case use the highlighted pattern below which matches with your excel date format.




    Vignesh M


  • @harsangeet ,


    When defining the action, the 2nd tab is Time and you can customize the format in there (YYYYMMDD).


    Hope this helps,



  • Great !!


    Thank you so much for the help.

  • I had similar issue but figured it out (same as noted in prior response).  The problem I'm having is mapping the time dimension -- I tried to map to a specific format (i.e. pick Jan-20) -- it fails saying it is expecting a 2 digit month.  When I map it to start date, it loads 33 records and fails 78.  In essence most of the start dates are outside the TIME range of the model.  (i.e. start in 2012 when the model time scale is Jan-19 to Dec-21.  I'm ok to move forward -- just wanted to validate.  Now I'm assuming I could change the scale back to Jan-2012 but that would make the model unwieldy.  Any help would be appreciated.









  • Hey, Under the time settings pick "Doesn't apply to this run" and run the import