Excel Add-Ins with password protected spreadsheets


Hi, does anyone know if there are any workarounds when using the Excel Add-In, if you want to password protect your spreadsheet?

We have an end user who wants to do this, but is getting error messages when the spreadsheet is password protected (fine when he takes the password protection out).


Thanks, Andrew.


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    Can you help @AndrewClark 

  • Hi,


    Sorry for missing your message!


    You are right that protected sheets cannot be refreshed. We could imagine this to be turned on and off as a setting though, so if you have a need for it, feel free to post your suggestion on the idea exchange.


    I cannot think of a workaround I am afraid, because editing data (by refreshing it) is in direct contradiction with the sheet protection as per the current design.


    I would be happy to discuss with you and to understand your process, to see if we can find some creative workarounds. I will direct message you.