Dashboard Page Selector from List


One of our new models is behaving differently in regards to the page selectors on the dashboards, and I'm trying to determine if it is due to the feature of enabling personalized views (this is the only model we allow personal dashboard views). 


In two models we have L5  List as Teams from the hieararchy, and have this list published as a page selector. The hierarchy is updating correctly and this month one team changed it's name, so we now have the new record in L5 since we do not delete our hierarchy. 


In the main models, the page selectors are working correctly and we can see the new team automatically. The other model which allows personal views, the list page selector does not show the new team. If I republish the L5 list to the dashboard it will update correctly, but this will wipe everyone's views. Any thoughts? 



  • @greggil ,


    I would check to see if there is a filter that is being used for the Personal View.

  • Thanks Rob. I checked for filters as well, but it's the Master dashboard that isn't syncing. If I go one level higher in the hierarchy page selector, I can see the end users that currently live on the new team, but I can't select that specific team at the L5 level. I have checked the module as well and there are no filters that would exclude them from being displayed. 

  • Greggil, 


    Trying to rule out items, from what you wrote, it doesn't appear that it is a selective access issue as you can see them if you go to the higher level. Can you confirm that you have write access to that list (the L5 list member for the new team)? Have you tried typing a member to autofilter your selection? Still no luck after that? 



  • @KeithJackson 


    Confirmed access isn't an issue. Write access to the top level of the hierarchy. 


    our L4 is Area, and under this Area there are 5 teams now in the hierarchy, but only 4 are displaying on the dashboards as a drill down


    If I filter down to the L4 Area, I can find members who belong to the new team in question using the search (let's say John Smith). If I drill into each of the 4 teams listed under L4, I can't find John Smith in any of them. This is expected since he is on that 5th team that isn't an option to select. 


    I'm trying to dissect how the team published the list selector when this model was built, because I wasn't involved. I tend to use the list from the hierarchy so it stays in sync with updates, but they may not have done it this way. 

  • @greggil 


    If they used a saved view with a filter on the hierarchy then that would certainly explain it. Can't think of a way to republish without destroying the saved views however. Best of luck to you and hopefully republishing the list as a page selector will solve the immediate issue of the new org not showing. Will monitor for your resolution comments. 



  • Yep, I just found it. There were manually saved views it looks like that had hand picked the teams by segment for each of the dashboards. Not a good solution for us because new teams come/go monthly and this is a data management nightmare. Using the lists is much better since everything is controlled by user access to the hierarchy levels, and it basically accomplishes the same views but auto updates. Thanks for helping!