import data into module



I'm trying to import data(below 1) into module(below 2). And mapping are(below 3 4).

But result was below 5.

Please let me know if there is solution.


Best, Regards,


2.PNG1.PNG3.PNG4.PNGerror .PNG

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  • HI @Takamasa,

    The mapping looks good but i think the issue is because of the language for month names. Can you please change it to 'English' as your import file has month names in English? I hope this should work.

    Let me know if you are still facing the issue!!



  • I tried custom(DD-MMM-YY) and changed to ”English"。But error showed.......


  • HI @Takamasa,

    I meant in your previous approach!!



  • 英語 means English in Japanese.

    So I adjusted, but can't import...

  • I got it by changing dd-mmm-yy in excel and format from date to text on module, and mapping from column header to fixed line item.

    So I think my excel data was thought as text.

    What should i do to change format to date?(I want to use this data as date because of function)

  • Hi,

    Don't change your line item format to text in module.

    After you made format change in excel, have you tried to import? Line item keep it as Date format.
    Are you still getting error?

    Vignesh M
  • I got it!

    But i have one question.

    On the source, when i selected column headers(previous photo), this resulted in error,.

    But when i selected fixed line item(below), result in success.

    There are difference between column header and  fixed line item?


    Best regards.


  • Both the Column Header and Fixed-line item does the same job, we use these options based on the target count in import.


    if we have only 1 target, then we can use the fixed-line item or Column header option. If it's more than 1 target, we have to use the column header.


    ~Vignesh M

  • I see, thank you so much!
    i will try to find why i failed importing by column headers.