Level 2 - Missing actions


I am currently doing the Level 2 training am just about to get started with the second user story in sprint 1.

There it says that I should have a number of actions in my model already (actions that came with the model), but I don't. See screenshots below.




 I am essentially missing two import (highlighted in yellow in first picture)

Is this something that stops me from moving on with the training?

Thanks a lot.


Best Answer


  • Hi Fredrick,


    I think action 1.3/1.4 is same as T1.3/T1.4, we need to include these actions in the process "T1 Build Product Hierarchies".




    Vignesh M

  • Hi Vignesh,

    Thanks a lot, that seems to make sense. Would be great if that could be confirmed from someone at Anaplan as well!