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Hi Team,


I have a module published to a Dashboard which has 3 line items in Pages. I only want the User to see/have access to 1 line item. I have set the Inital Page to the Line Item I require and also removed the Page selector/Syn Paging options (see below)


When I open the Dashboard the correct Line Item is on Pages but when another User opens it 1 of the other 2 items is showing


Is there a process step I am missing to keep this line item set for all users?









  • HI @MarkTurkenburg,

    If the requirement is to show only 1 line item, then why cant we hide the remaining line items and publish it to the dashboard. I can see the Page selector option is also disabled. 




  • Hi Kavin,


    Thanks - that will work but still doesn't answer as to why this happens? Maybe I do not understand the Inital Page function but it seems to be not working correctly?



  • It should work. Whenever you open the dashboard irrespective of the user it will show the Initial page. Make sure you didn't save your personal view instead save the entire dashboard.




  • Thanks Kavin - how do I know whether I have saved it as a personal view?



  • Check if this is turned on.



  • Thanks Kavin - we do not have Personal Dashboards turned on - i'll keep tinkering!

  • Hi Mark,

    I'm not sure exactly why you've seen this problem, but I have occasionally encountered similar odd behaviour when selecting an initial item for page selectors.

    A surefire way of only letting the user see one line item is to pivot line items down to rows, then right-click the one you want and select "show". Then pivot line items back up to page selectors. Now when you click on that page selector, you'll only see one line item. You can then go ahead and hide the page selector if you want to.

    This method means that you don't need to rely on the initial item setting (in fact, you don't even need to set an initial item) because all the other line items are hidden.




  • Nice - thanks Will!