Model builder level 2 sprint 2 : question about page selectors


HI I have a question about this activity : 


You say we need to create a dashboard and this dashboard "should include two page selectors - Years and Accounts"


However in the DEM03 Module, we have to synchronize Account and SKU. How can we synchronize the SKU with the page selectors if we don't take the page "SKU" like a selector ?


In the formation, you show the result we need to have with this PDF : 


But as we can see the last board isn't synchronized with the chart and the board " Demand Assumptions"


So i think we need to add the page "SKU" as a selector, no?









  • Hi,


    You are right, if we want to see SKU level data then we need SKU list as page selector.


    I think DEM03 will also get update based on the selection we made in DEM01 module. DEM01 as product family dimension, so if we select any product family on 1st grid, 2nd grid will show that product family data. Instead of creating a module with product family(L1) dimensions, we are using the existing module which contains the same data at a higher level, just an assumption. We cannot hide the lower levels(L2 & L3) from the grid, then synchronization will not work.





    Vignesh M