Level 2 Sprint 2 - Importing data from the data hub



When I try to run the import data (9. Import Data from Hub) from the data hub model into the DAT03 Historic Volumes module, I am getting an import definition error. I need help to troubleshoot the actions. 


Process 2.PNG





  • Hi,


    Check the details of the import, you will get the exact reason behind the error.

    Might be Column is not mapped correctly or Item in one of the list is not populated yet.


    ~Vignesh M

  • The Details has no information.  

    Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 3.29.51 PM.png

  • @catzert ,


    Please take a look at the Result Summary tab, what does that say?

  • Hello,


    You may have to import into the modules again and then create a new process. 




  • Thanks.  that's exactly the same to do it rather than trying to solve the mapping errors.