importing the same day's data


I have a question about importing.

I want to import excel data(below) but the days are same.

So I want to import value into Anaplan( -7+7=0 )

After imported, import completed successfully and the value became 0 as I wished.

In Anaplan, the value was 0 because it was conducted (-7+7=0)?? 

If so, even if I have the same day's value, on Anaplan it can recognize both of them and calculate like-7 +7??


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Best Answer

  • HI @Takamasa,

    Yes, that's the beauty of Anaplan. It will automatically recognize the list members itself and aggregates the value if the file has multiple records with same unique identifier. It is not only applicable to Time dimension, but also to all the custom lists as well.

    I hope this helps!!