Dynamic Cell Access - Import


Hi Team,


I created a module dimensionalised by Time with Dynamic Cell Access set to Read for all periods except for Sep19 to Jun20. The setup was working as expected when tested manually.


When I Imported data from another Model with the same time dimension the data was uploaded into the Read access periods & the write access periods


Does Dynamic User Access not work with imported data?


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Best Answer

  • kavinkumar

    HI @MarkTurkenburg,


    Yes, if you are a WA then if you run an import action it will update the cells. Please go thru the below Anapedia link to get it more clarified.


    Importing and exporting cell data controlled using Dynamic Cell Access

    In modules and dashboard grids where access to cell data is controlled using Dynamic Cell Access:

    1.workspace administrators can import data into any cell, including read-only and invisible cells.

    2.end users can only import data into editable cells, not into read-only or invisible cells.

    3.only read-only and editable cell data is included in exports.


    I hope this helps!!