Selective Access



I have given selective access to a person X in my model and he is able to open the dashboard and the module within it when X logs in as himself but there is no data popping up in the line items of the module in the dashboard and the module itself. 

But when I open as full access, the data is showing in the dashboard and module as well.


It would be great if anyone can provide any insights into this issue!






  • Do you have a filter on the module in that dashboard that is using another module to filter by? Do they have access to the filter module? That is likely the culprit. 

  • Hey Keith,


    So, there are filters on the module in the dashboard but those filters are line items of the same module (the one in the dashboard) and those line items are referencing different modules. 

    So is it still a problem?

  • I would like to add one more thing. 


    There is a list (L) in my module as one of the dimension and this list rolls up to another list (P).

    So this person have selective access to the the child list (L) but doesn't have selective access to the parent list (P).

    Whereas, as a full access I have access to both the lists.

    Does this make any difference?


  • That should not matter as I would only see the L items in the module view then. Is this in a deployed model that you are seeing this issue? I have seen in the past certain users can see modules and the data within them and others can't and then after clearing cache or doing another ALM push to deployed model the visibility comes back for all. The only other thing I can think of is do you have selective cell access turned on my chance on your line items? 

  • So my model is in standard mode.

    Here is the scenario,

    I have a Top level List. A lot of other lists roll up to this top level list.

    I have provided selective access to a child list(L) for a person but not to the parent i.e. the top level list. 

    So, that person is not able to view the data in a module (this module contains the child list to which he has the selective access) when he logs in as himself. But when he is given access to the top level list, he is able to view it.

    I don't want to give him access to the top level list as he will be able to view every other list under the top level list.


    Is there any way he can view the data in the module with child list and not have access to the parent list?

  • I set up that very same scenario and had no issues. Selective access for the lower list works. I can't get my view to duplicate what you are experiencing unfortunately. This is how selective access should work as a matter of fact. In your filter, are you filtering on a parent item? Have you tried the select levels to show rather than a filter? What about using a boolean line item for the filter? 

  • Option 1: Do you have DCA activated in the module ?

    When you go to blueprint, scroll right and find the column Read Access Driver. Is there anything in this ? 

    DCA is an additional layer of security that will allow you to control access down to the line item level (and much more)


    Option 2: the filters you have are reliant on access of the parent and thus renders negative

  • Hey Keith,


    There was a misunderstanding in communicating the exact issue that I am facing.


    So the scenario is,

    I have a child list and a parent list. There is selective access turned on for the PARENT list but not for the child list.

    The person is unable to see the data in the module which is dimensioned with the child list because he has not been given selective access to the parent (Since parent list contains more list which I don't want to give him access)

    Is there anyway in which he able to view data in this condition.

    The child list doesn't have the person's name, but a property(Format: person names list) of it does.

  • Hi Somain,

    Since selective access is enabled for the parent list, you would need to give the user read access to items in the parent list, in order for them to be able to see items in the child list.

    The other way to do it would be to enable selective access for the child list and grant them read access to items at that level. (Note that if you do this then they will see the child items as orphans, i.e. summaries at the parent level)

    I hope that helps.

    Thanks, Will