How to make column chart



I'm trying 2 things

1 To make column chart like below photo 1. I want to stack value until year end, and then I want to reset and re-stack

2 After making 1, I want to see how I piled up actual data compared with forecast like below photo 2 at the year level.(or month level)


Are there any plan?

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Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



    For your first picture,  you will have to use a line item that pre calculates the "stacking" by doing a cumulation with YEARTODATE for example. Then you can publish a standard column chart on a dashboard with the two years. Or you can split them in 2 graphs, one for each year.


    For the second, you can prepare one module with 2 line items (or use the versions list, depending on your model), actual and forecast, over a yearly time scale and use the combination chart to stack the actual and forecast line item together (change them to column).


    Here's the community link on charts if you need generic info on how to do a chart in Anaplan