Page selector & top level item selection on list with Selective Access




I am trying to allow users who do not have access to all items in a list to still be able to select an item that will effectively "show all" to the items that they have access to, but also individually select children of said list.


I have selective access enabled, when I have access to all items, I get the top level item, when I only have access to a few items, I do not get to see all of the children by selecting a top level item, I can only click on one at a time.





  • Hi,

    Users can only see parent/top-level items if they are given access to them. This is because, if they only have access to some of the children, they will see incorrect rollup amounts. For example, let's say you only have access to Business Area 1 in this module:


    You will see 100 against Business Area 1, but you won't see a total, because the total is 150 – this includes information that you haven't been given access to. You could infer that Business Area 2 is has 50 entered against it.

    There are a couple of alternatives you could try instead of selective access, although they both have downsides:

    • If there are only a small number of combinations different users need to see (e.g. 50% of users need to see items A/B/C and the other 50% need to see items A/D/E), you could create list subsets for each combination of items you need. Then you could have multiple copies of your module, each dimensioned by a different subset, and give users access to the modules they need. This is obviously pretty messy, especially if you have a lot of combinations you need to allow for.
    • You could use Dynamic Cell Access to set read/write/visible access to the cells in the module. Users would see all items in the hierarchy, but they would only see data for the ones you want them to see. You could allow them to see summary levels even if they can't see the data for all the children – but note that the summaries would include data from all children, even ones where the data is invisible to the user. (i.e. you would have the problem I showed with the screenshot above).

    I hope this helps.


  • Is there any workaround to this?


    This functionality GREATLY limits the power of selective access. 


    The top level should only sum the items below it that the user has access to. Not all of the items regardless of the selective access. 


    Please tell me Anaplan has created a workaround to this silly functionality.