Level 2 Model Building - SYS08 module


Is there a step missing detailing how we should build the formula for the 'supplied by' line item for the SYS08 SKU details module?


  • @nmascia 


    Level 2 Model Building is designed to be a little less prescriptive over level 1 model building.  There will not be as many formulas given.   However, think about each situation.  Is this an input, and therefore doesn't need a formula? Is this value calculated somewhere else and I want to reference it?   

  • Hi Chris,


    Thanks for your response. The problem was that I made a mistake when importing the SKU file into SYS08. That line item did not get loaded.


    I loaded the file correctly and am still having an issue. Nutzo Bar_EN has New York as it's supplied by distribution center in the data file.




    Which means it's shipping method is 'Air':



    However, in Sprint 3, the section labelled 'Activity: Test the Shipping Cost Formulas', Anaplan provides a screenshot of what INV01 should look like. It is giving Nutzo Bar_EN shipping method as 'Road' and not 'Air':




  • @nmascia 


    The model should match the Data Hub, there is an error in the model that is downloaded.  The Default shipment for Nutzo bar_EN is New York.  Upload the SKUs.csv file into the Supply Chain model SYS07 Distribution Center Details to correct this.  This is a file you downloaded for the Data Hub.  It will correct it.  


    Sorry for any confusion, I am fixing this now.  




  • Thanks Chris,


    I made SYS07 in the supply chain model match SYS07 in the Data hub model. New York now has 'Road' as its default shipping method

  • This note should probably be added to https://learning.anaplan.com/mod/page/view.php?id=12100 Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings, as it comes before the 12107 and shows screenshots with Road indicated.

  • I agree with @helennie  This note about using the correct load file should be moved to Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings. I just had an employee come across this and it had him spinning his wheels trying to figure out why the shipping methods didn't match.

  • The locations correct should be noted prior to this section. Instead, it is first applicable when checking answers here: https://learning.anaplan.com/mod/page/view.php?id=12100

  • As others have mentioned, I agree something needs to be fixed in the 'Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings' step. The screenshots should either reflect 'Air', or the SA note should be moved prior to the 'Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings' step.
  • Is the model download fixed? I still had the issue? 

  • How did you make it match?
  • mata.israel08@gmail.com

    I believe I imported SYS07 from the DataHub into SYS07 in the supply chain model. I do think that the files have been updated though. At the time I was taking Level 2, the 2 files for SYS07 for the DataHub and supply chain were not in sync.