Level 2 Model Building: Conclusion, L2MB-4 question


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I have a question on the Level 2 Model Building training, in the Conclusion section.  In the L2MB-4 Activity: Export & Import Product SKU Demand, there is an instruction that says:


In the FP&A model, import the Demand data into the DAT02 SKU Volumes module. 


Only, there isn't a DAT02 SKU Volumes module.  Are we supposed to create this new Module?  I went back through all the prior training's and couldn't find where this was created.  And if we are supposed to create it, do we need to now link this new module into the Revenue calculation instead of using the REV02 Volume Inputs module?






  • Dealing with the same issue. Not really getting the proposed solution. Could you elaborate more?

  • @VIGNESH.M @jcheng @rikdebruyn 


    DAT02 SKU Volumes is the module that you created in the Level 1 Certification.  



  • Hi @rikdebruyn @jcheng 


    We have created the DATA02 SKU VOLUMES module as part of the LEVEL 1 Certificatication exam, this is one of the question in the level 1 exam.

    Sorry for the confusion.


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    Vignesh M

  • Hi, I am facing the same issue. Having completed L1 exam in January, I'm now in the Conclusion to L2 and it is referring to a module that does not exist in the L1 FP&A model (either the model I built or the downloaded version from the App Hub).

    Can you be very specific as to when/where the DATA02 SKU Volumes module was meant to be created in the FP&A module as part of the L1 course? I cannot find in L1 where it refers to building this module.


    Thanks.Screenshot below shows the L2 Conclusion step which refers to creating a view and importing the data into the non-existent DATA02 FP&A module.



  • Found it. As part of the exam there was a zip file containing SKU volumes that was imported in. I was looking at the first copy of the L1 app not the second renamed copy used for the exam. The second copy also has the DATA02 module which must have also been part of the Exam build.

  • Encountering the same problem but what is the exact solution...?
  • @jwhoekstra   If you no longer have access to your model from level 1, you will need to download another model.  Because the model references a module called DAT02, you'll need to go and rebuild that module and the SKU list.  The instructions and link to download another level 1 model can be found in the Level 1 Certification Exam.  

  • Hi -

    I am sorry but I am still do not understand what exactly do I need to do so I can restore DAT02 in my FP&A model? I went through the instructor led L1 back in June and I completed the L1 exam. I am not sure why DAT02 is no longer in my model. Where are the directions to building DAT02? Do I need to go through the whole L1 training until I get to how to build DAT02 or do I just need to retake L1 Exam so I can get to how I need to build DAT02? 

    Thank you 

  • Hi @sdavidko  without have access to your model, I can't speak to why you don't have the DAT02 module.  However, you can just follow the build instructions in the Exam and that will have the specifics you need to complete level 2.  You do not need to go through the entire course again.  

  • @ChrisMullen ok, thank you.

  • Attached is the import file, in case anybody need it.