create a chart

Hi, I have a question about creating a chart.

Is it possible to create a chart like below.(2 line item for 1 bar graph) ?

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  • Hi,

    Will a combination chart work? You are able to then choose between bar, line or area for each line item on the graph individually.
  • Hi, 

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I tried combination(below photo).

    So I want to create like stacked...


  • Hi, have you tried selecting "column - stacked"?




  • Yes, I tried!
    But in column stacked, they are piled up.
    I want both of them to stack from bottom.
  • Hi,

    It might be helpful if you can share a screenshot of the module. A stacked chart should do what you need, but perhaps the module is pivoted in a way that is causing your problem.