Level 2, Sprint 3 - cannot complete INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details section


I am having an issue progressing from the "INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details" section in Sprint 3.


I cannot get this section to mark as complete, even after clicking all the blue ? icons to view the formula tips, including in the maximized view. There is also no manual checkbox to toggle completion. This means I cannot access the next section "Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings" to check my formulas since it requires this one to be complete first.


Any suggestions, or anyone else experiencing this issue?


  • @helennie 


    You can check the box on the top right corner from the course page.   The Course Progress is used to help you maintain your spot in the course.  It doesn't count towards the actual completion of the course.  Those are triggered by successful completion of the exams. 





  • Thanks! I thought I had tried that already but must have been thinking of something else.
  • I'm at this step in the training and I don't see a box to check. It doesn't show the step as completed in the Course Progress either. Any suggestions?

  • @roberturso   You have to go back to the main course page to see the check box.  https://learning.anaplan.com/course/view.php?id=1040

  • Hi roberturso,

    On completing the section , exit the course.This will update the course page.