Ability to add absolute values across months

I have a client who would like to create a new period in Anaplan that sums the absolute values of the months.
This will help in identifying account combinations with 0 across all the versions in the model. Is there a way to add formula periods?


If not, how can they add it to a module? for example, they'd like to be able to select AbsFY in time and see across versions where accounts have no data.



  • @robinsalk 

    A better way would be to add a second line item

    line item2= ABS(line item1) and then total it up

    You can then use TIMESUM(line item2) to pull it into a module without time


    I hope that helps


  • Hi David,

    Thank you for the quick response. One question regarding your example. What would be line item 1?


  • @robinsalk 

    That would be the original line item as per the attached




     I hope that clears it up


  • It does.


    Thank you David.

  • @robinsalk 


    Step 1: Create Line Item 1 - Time Dimension

                    Formula - ABS(Source Line Item)

    Step 2: Create Line item 2 - Probably in another module with no Time Dimension

                    Formula - TIMESUM(Line Item 1) - Make sure 

    Step 3: Filter on Zeros - You will be able to see all the Accounts with No Transactions