Excel Add-In 3.2 Log in Issues


We are experiencing access issues with the new Anaplan Excel Add-in Version 3.2.  When trying to log into the Excel Add-in (regardless of whether a browser window is open), we are receiving the following error message:

"Your session has been logged out.  It is recommended that you close your browser to complete the termination of this session."

Gaining access to the add-in requires multiple log in attempts. This message leads the user to believe that Anaplan should not be opened in their browser before opening the add-in. If they open the Excel add-in first, the only way to gain access to the platform is by manually navigating to our SSO URL where the same error appears after the initial log in attempt and multiple log in attempts are required to gain access to the platform.


  • I think you'll need to work through this with Anaplan support. It could be related to the single sign-on solution in use, or the browser setup on the desktop. See if changing either of these variables alleviates the problem to narrow down the cause.