Importing forecast numbers with forecast version and time scaled into a module without forecast vers

Hi All,
I am trying to import forecast numbers from one module having forecast versions(list) and Anaplan time into a module only with time-scale.
The idea is to have a page selector(forecast) in the target module and when users select the respective months ,they should be able to see the numbers forecasted in that particular month from the source module.

When I import the data ,to accomplish the above I see the numbers cumulating when I select the next months.

Can some-one provide some hints to this?

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  • nathan_rudman

    If you want to keep the import action for snapshoting reason, you might want to filter the source module to export only the forecast. No need to keep the actuals in the target module if you don't use it.


    Simply right click on the forecast version and click on "Show", save the view and use it as a source of import. this will import only the forecast.

    You can so this via a boolean as well, having a setting module where you select which version should be exported (and using this boolean as a filter), so you can switch to another forecast version without having to change the view.


  • Hi,


    The Actual and Forecast numbers are getting summed and loaded into your target module. To only take forecast numbers,


    Option 1: Direct Formula 

        Use the formula to pull the data, Use SELECT Function



    Option 2: Import

        Step 1: Create a line item in your target module called Staging and use formula to pull data from the source module,



        Step 2: Import Value from Staging to Target Line Item.




    Vignesh M

  • Thank you Vingesh for the response.

    I tried to hide the Versions that i dont need and mapped it with the target Version and it worked.