The Level 2 Model Building Training Program is Now Available!



The Anaplan Academy is proud to announce the release of the Level 2 Model Building training program. The Level 2 Model Building training is structured like a real-world Anaplan implementation—complete with user stories and project sprints where you build data hub and supply chain models.

LEVEL 2 LC BADGE.pngThe Level 2 Model Building training program provides not only additional practice of the basic model building skills you learned in Level 1 Model Building, but also more advanced model-building experience through guided activities in working with a data hub, using model-to-model imports, setting up processes, and creating formulas. In Level 2 Model Building, the hands-on model building is guided by a solution architect character who provides coaching, tips, and best-practice recommendations. In addition to the model-building activities, the Level 2 Model Building training program includes over 40 micro-lessons (5-10 minutes in length) on a variety of just-in-time topics and concepts to provide additional information on model building best practices and Anaplan functionality.

Things to Know:

  • The Level 2 Model Building training program includes five course sections available in the Learning Center.
  • Training includes hands-on, model-building activities that will guide you through the build of two models – a data hub and a supply chain model. You will also practice building dashboards based on user stories and model-to-model imports to share data between the Unicorn Candy Company models.
  • To complete the Level 2 Model Building training, you must successfully complete and pass four exams (Sprint 1-3 exams, Conclusion exam).
  • Level 2 Model Building replaces the 299 FP&A case study in the Certified Model Builder path.


Change is good, but we're here to help support you as you get to know the new learning path. We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your review—or ask your own at any time. 

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All training is designed to help you on your Anaplan journey by sharpening your skills and supporting the ability to accelerate your business value. Let us know what you think of the new Level 2 Model Building training course in the comments below. 


  • So excited....I'm almost done with Level 1 and I'm really enjoying and learning a lot.  THANKS!

  • @DavidSmith have also gone through L1, much more friendly way of learning (and refreshing) the information. Onto L2 - which will be a fun way to spend a day or two!

  • @andrewtye Good to hear - We did really want to try and reinforce best practices and the key fundamentals of Model Building.

  • I would also add, that even for experienced model builders, it is worth going through a lot of the videos as well.  We explain a lot of the new best practices that you may not be aware of.  It will add to the time taken, but you might just learn something new.


  • Have just completed level 2 - I never knew what that icon did but now I do and it's quite cool. Looking forward to level 3!

  • @ChrisMullen  Do you know what the timeline on Level 3 model building becoming available is? Also, is the SA exam planned to be opened to Anaplan customers or just partners/employees? 

  • @Jojo88    We are looking at a release date of early next year for Level 3 Model Building.  We are also planning on opening up the SA exam to customers.  Unfortunately, I don't have a date on that right now.

  • going through this course at the moment, it's really interesting and I have learned a lot about Agile methodology

  • I have completed "Level 2 Sprint 1 exam" but unfortunately it is not recorded and receiving message that both attempts gone. I have screen print of sprint 1 exam completion, how to resolve this issue?

  • @CommunityMember126793  email to help you with that issue.